My Most Popular and Favorite Posts of 2013

I’ve been on an unintentional blogging hiatus since October. I’ve been wrapping up a couple of projects and getting ready to get started on a few more. I’ve got some blog ideas coming for 2014. Until then, I thought I would share two posts from 2013.

My most popular post according to the analytics was The Trouble with Ground Rules and Safe Space. This is humbling for two reasons. First, this post didn’t just get viewed when I initially wrote it and posted it, but continues to get regular views which means folks are sharing it. Second, this post is based on great lessons I learned from others, Craig Alimo, Brian Arao, and Kristi Lonardo Clemens. So it is really their post. But isn’t everything we know something we learned from others somewhere along the line?

But my favorite post of 2013 was The Brilliance of Babes: 6 Leadership and Life Lessons from Three 3 Year Olds. This post includes my reflections from a simple moment watching my daughter and her friends interact at daycare drop off. Their simple and authentic interaction had me teary in the moment and had a flood of tears as I wrote the post. I’m constantly reminded by my young children of all the bad lessons we learn through our pain, hurt, and insecurities as adults and the messed up behaviors we engage in to protect ourselves.

Happy 2013!

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