Best of 2014

It is time for end of the year reflections. Here’s some of the top posts from this blog from 2014.

Top Viewed Post of 2014 – The Trouble with Ground Rules and Safe Space

This post from 2013, was still my most viewed post in 2014. I’m glad that so many folks found these two nuggets of wisdom as useful as I have. Thanks to Craig Alimo, Brian Arao, and Kristi Clemens for their wisdom. Lots of folks have linked to this and shared with staff teams as they prepared to facilitate conversations on social justice. More brave space!

Top Post Written in 2014 – 9 Tips for Negotiating a Job Offer

This post written with Grant Anderson, was the top post written this year. I’ve heard from graduate students, new professionals, and those making mid-career moves about how useful this has been. I even know one senior level executive who used the tips from this post to negotiate ten’s of thousands of dollars worth of additional compensation into his new offer. Grant and I are still waiting for our 10% cut on that one. Several folks have shared that they’ve had it on their screen as they made the negotiation call. I’m glad that folks are looking to learn about negotiating on their own behalf. It’s an important lifelong skill.

My Favorite Post Written in 2014 – If Everything Is a Priority, Then Nothing Is  a Priority

I keep coming back to this post again and again. I think about it when I find myself losing site of what is important and just trying to do it all. I also find this idea and these metaphors to be some of the most powerful when I am working with consulting clients. Here is to doing a better job of weeding my own garden in the new year. To less, so that you can be more!

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