Keith’s New Adventure

After eight years, I’ve decided that it is time for me to graduate as Director of Campus Life at Macalester College. It is largely because Macalester has been such a wonderful place for me, that I’ve decided not to pursue opportunities at other institutions. If I wanted to continue working on that similar set of problems, I’d want to do it at Macalester. I’m seeking an entirely different set of problems to focus on in this new adventure.

I’m energized to be able to focus my time on contributing, learning, creating, and sharing by working independently. Working on my own offers me the best possibility to live a life aligned with my purpose and values in an integrated or harmonious way. This is also the most scary, uncertain, and potentially lonely and unsuccessful option. I expect I’ll need key supporters more than ever to help provide connection, community, challenge, and growth. I plan to focus my time on contributing scholarship, investing in my learning, creating new ideas and content, and sharing what I can to help campuses address complex problems.


Contributing Scholarship

I have long aspired to build on my dissertation research on college men’s gender identity development but have not been able to find the time with my other commitments. I look forward to coding and analyzing data from a five year follow-up study with the participants from my dissertation study. I will be writing an update to the article based on this research. Ultimately, I plan to write a book based on this research with a chapter focusing on the story of each participant. I also have several writing projects with colleagues that are in progress. I look forward to working with colleagues to marshal these forward.



For the past three years, I have been transformed personally and professional through a combination of my learning about coaching approaches, positive psychology, and Zen principles and practices – especially meditation. I’m excited to be able to dive deeper into these areas so that I can expand my capacity to help others reach their fullest potential. One of the ways I plan to do this is by using the space created by this change to earn my coaching certification. I also plan to partner with others who are exceptional facilitators, leaders, and coaches who can work with and learn from through our work together. If you think you might be interested in partnering, please let me know. I am privileged to be connected to so many amazing people doing such amazing things who I could support and learn from.



One of the reasons I love to learn is that it gives me new knowledge and ideas and spurs my own new ideas. Creating itself is also a wonderful way for me to learn. I plan to spend focused time creating ideas, content, and ways of sharing with others. I look forward to expanding my focus and creating content that I can share through social media, blog posts, videos, presentations, and more.


Sharing through Speaking & Consulting

I will be able to devote more time to sharing by assisting campuses in addressing the complex issues of sexual violence prevention, social justice education, college men’s issues, residential curriculum, and leadership and team development. I have really enjoyed my opportunities that I have had to speak with students and facilitate professional development for faculty and staff. Not only do I hope to be able to do more campus visits, I want to cultivate and expand on what I am able to offer to meet the needs of campus communities. While I will miss the yearly traditions of Macalester College, I look forward to the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the major initiatives of other campuses including RA training, Orientations, Greek Week, and other key moments for the campus community.


As with any adventure, doubt about success creeps in. I am looking forward to taking a leap, trusting my instincts, and growing through the journey. I expect that the best parts will be the unexpected.

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