Top Posts for 2015

In the spirit of often mocked but often clickable end of the year listicles, here are the top posts from this blog in 2015.

#1 Top Post

By far the most clicked and most read was this frustrated rant I sent off on the morning I dropped my daughter off for her first day of kindergarten. Lessons learned: self-righteousness and critcizing fraternities does well on the internets. Also, apparently dropping the f-word doesn’t hurt your clickability.


Not my post, but a reblog of Emiliano C. Diaz de Leon‘s great compilation. This must be linked somewhere popular as it keeps getting hits. Hopefully, it has generated traffic to Emiliano’s site as well.


This compilation of counter-intuitive perspectives for social justice education from 2012 keeps getting shared and read. I hope it is helping folks think more deeply about how they do social justice education. Full credit to Craig Alimo, Kristi Clemens, and Brian Arao for their good thinking that has influenced me and apparently many others.


Although published less than a month ago, this post already is at the top of the list for all of 2015. It is also the one that I am most proud of and was most nervous to post. I’ve been (not) writing this post for more than a year. Thanks to all those who listened to me rant, pushed my thinking, checked my privilege, and challenged and supported me to put this out there.

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