Top Posts for 2016

In the spirit of often mocked but often clickable end of the year listicles, here are the top posts from this blog in 2016.

#1 Top Post

The most clicked and most read was this post summarizing my biggest take aways from a great book. I’m a bit surprised it was the leading post. Perhaps there are lots of folks looking for key take aways. Perhaps one of the take aways was really helpful. Perhaps Brené Brown’s name itself just generates clicks.

#2 Top Post

Lots of media attention and outraged was devoted to this case. Here I tried to curate some of the best takes on this case and some of the bigger questions it should evoke.

#3 Top Post

Seems like there are many out there curious about what this experience is like in general. I certainly googled around when I got my invite.

Top Overall Post (not from 2016)

This compilation of counter-intuitive perspectives for social justice education from 2013 keeps getting shared and read. I hope it is helping folks think more deeply about how they do social justice education. Full credit to Craig Alimo, Kristi Clemens, and Brian Arao for their good thinking that has influenced me and apparently many others.


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