Top Posts for 2017

In the spirit of often mocked but often clickable end of the year listicles, here are the top posts from this blog in 2017.

#1 Top Post

The most clicked and most read was this post summarizing my take aways after hearing Brené Brown speak a couple of days ahead of her book launch. I’m a bit surprised it was the leading post. Perhaps there are lots of folks looking for key take aways. Perhaps one of the take aways was really helpful. Perhaps Brené Brown’s name itself just generates clicks.

#2 Top Post

This is my second visited post from this year and one of my favorites. This is a terrific book that I not only enjoyed reading but have found myself recommending to others regularly. I also love the inclusion of Natalie Allen’s mind map as well. I’m also working with Hilary Lichterman and Amanda Knerr on presentations for ACPA and NASPA respectively on Mindful Leadership using the 8 Pillars of Joy as an organizer. It is great learning with and from others.

Top Post Not from 2017

This post from 2016 was also a top post this year. Brené Brown does seem to be a fan favorite.

Personal Favorite

This is my favorite from 2017. A collection of thoughts and insights on Mindful Leadership. I work on practicing these myself and often come back to these nuggets with coaching clients.


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