Pedagogy Beyond the Classroom

I’ve been trying to expand my framing, thinking, and strategies around pedagogy beyond the classroom, especially as it relates to implementing a curricular approach to student affairs. When Heather Shea asked me to guest host Student Affairs Live on the Higher Ed Live network this month, I was eager to delve deeper into pedagogy.

I planned an episode on pedagogy with guests Jane Fried, Vijay Kanagala, and Ruth Harper. Two books framed the initial conversations: Sentipensante (sensing/thinking) Pedagogy by Laura Rendón and Learning Everywhere on Campus co-edited by Jane Fried and Ruth Harper. Vijay was a research assistant to Laura Rendón as she was writing Sentipensante and utilizes different pedagogies as a faculty member in Higher Education and Student Affairs at University of Vermont. Unfortunately, Ruth wasn’t able to join us at the last minute, but Greg Heiberger was able to jump in at the last minute. Greg is a co-author of a chapter in the book on social media and brain science.

This was a wide ranging conversation where we discussed the meaning of pedagogy, its role in student affairs work, and specific pedagogies. I love when the latest neuroscience research gets combined with 3,000 year old contemplative practices. Some of the pedagogies discussed included:

Panelists also shared a wide range of other resources on pedagogy. Some of these included:

What pedagogies or resources would you add?

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