Sexual Assault Awareness Month Virtual Engagement

Virtual Engagement for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Many college campuses are still balancing virtual and in-person speakers, events, campaigns, and more planned to raise awareness around the experiences of survivors, prevention initiatives, and campus-based processes for Title IX violations. Although many of us are returning to more in-person events, virtual events can also be powerful and in many ways better – in reach, sensitivity, and moving beyond time and location-based constraints. Here are a few resources I hope you find helpful.

Share My TEDx Talk

It’s a 12 minute version of my 75 minute talk I often do on campuses for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It is free and easy to share via email, social media, or campus learning management systems.

Arrange for a Virtual Keynote on Ending Rape

This has the potential to reach even more folks than an in person campus visit. We can offer a full version of the keynote below that you can upload to your learning management system and make available to all students for 30 days. Students can watch on their timeline. You can track how many have watched, which could be significantly more than could show up at a given specific date, time, and location. I’m also offering a peer facilitation guide and a short completion quiz and learning assessment. We can also discuss doing this live or in-person.

Access and Share Addressing Sexual Violence in Higher Education

This book was published two years ago, but is still full of up to date guidance, direction, innovative thinking, and good guidance. Now could be the time to read or share the whole thing or a particularly relevant chapter. You can access all of the chapters here.

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Share a Video on Engaging Men in Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Check out this great post from Emiliano C. Diaz de Leon and share out one or more of the videos on engaging men in gender-based violence prevention.

Conduct a Virtual Audit or Comprehensive Review of Title IX Processes

I regularly work with Title IX teams virtually to do an assessment of current efforts and recommendations for comprehensive Title IX efforts grounded in each campus’s unique culture and structure.

Share 4 Ways of Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence

Here are four simple suggestions I offer to college students about how they can support survivors.

Supporting survivors. Safety. Believe. "It is not your fault. Empower.

Stay Up to Date with Title IX Guidance & Resources

A curated collection of Title IX and sexual violence prevention and response guidance. Much of this is dated but still relevant with lots of talk and no action (thankfully) from the previous administration and no major changes thus far from the current Department of Education.

Engage Students Virtually to Build a Student Organization Focused on Men’s Role in Ending Rape

It can often take a semester of behind the scenes work to be ready to launch a student organization like this. Working with a small group of students now could position them to launch fully and successfully at the beginning of the fall semester. Here are some key lessons learned from 20 years fo working with these groups on dozens of campuses.

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