Keith is a trusted and authentic host for your virtual events, panels, and discussions. He is co-host of the podcast and webshow Student Affairs Now. For the past several years, I’ve hosted Student Affairs Live. I also do lots of video conferencing, moderating panels, and hosting. If you have great content you want to share with others, perhaps I could host the conversation, interview you and make it more engaging and reach far more people. Did you have a great conference presentation that you’d like help hosting, recording, and making available to others? We can do all of that virtually. This might help you share something for free with others or you might decide you want to record something to make available for a fee

Host a Conversation with You

Here’s an example of great content and message I wanted to help get out to more folks.

Host a Conversation with a Group or Panel

Here is an example of a panel I did with folks from Residential Education at University of South Florida to help them share what they were doing with others.

You Need a Host for a Conference or Event You Are Now Doing Virtually

I can help showcase your panelists transition smoothly, manage time, and engage your audience. Whether it is a 50 minute session or a full day event, I can help host by holding the container and moving things along so the focus is on the participants and contributing to their great experience.

Testimonial from participant in virtual event

Virtual Book Release Event

Here is a Student Affairs Live I hosted with the editors of a new book.

Want to work more closely with Keith?

Leaders and organizations turn to Keith as an authentic educator, trusted leader, and unconventional scholar helping them advance leadership, learning, and equity.

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