Collected Resources for Anti-Racism Learning

Collected Resources for Anti-Racist Learning

This is an on-going curated collection of anti-racists resources to support white people in the development of their anti-racism and to become better aspiring allies. Suggestions and additional recommendations are welcome.

Updated July 29, 2020

Aspiring Anti-Racist Ally Workshop Series

Aspiring Anti-Racist Ally Development Workshop Series

Education and Racial Justice Webinars and Workshops – 2020

A YouTube playlist of more than 30 free webinars from a wide variety of presenters and approaches.

The Anti-Racist Starter Pack: 40 TV Series, Documentaries, Movies, TED Talks, and Books to Add to Your List

For some of us TV, movies, TED Talks, and more can be more accessible and more emotionally powerful learning opportunities than the more traditionally academic resources.

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

A very extensive list with details and links to access and engage.

Anti-Racist Resource Guide

One of the most extensive guides included here. Full of tons of great stuff organized in a super helpful way by topics as well as readiness level from beginner to more advanced.

Critical Whiteness Syllabus

Extensive list of resources including books, articles, blogs, handouts and more.

Scaffolded Resources for Anti-Racist Resources

Resources organized according to Janet Helms’s model of white racial identity development.

Anti-racism Resources

An extensive list of blogs, books, articles, podcasts, films, and more.

Anti-Racist Resources from Greater Good Science Center

Wide ranging resources organized in a helpful manner.

Ten Ways White People Can Support Black Coworkers

Actionable ways to engage with lots of great reminders and tips, helpfully organized into these 10 categories.

White urgency to end racism: why now? by Beth Berila

21-Day Activism Self-Care Challenge

How do you step away to fill yourself up and heal so you can re-engage and show-up in ways that serve the movement and not your own unmet needs? This offers some really great resources on substantive self-care and community care. We need you for the long-run.

A Dozen-Plus Ways You Can Foster Educational Equity

Comprehensive suggestions for teachers of all kinds to be more inclusive and equitable.

Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus

A list of scholarly articles and connections organized by topic.

Why Minneapolis Was the Breaking Point

A detailed overview of what has and is happening in Minneapolis, for those who want to learn more, including those of us who live here and have had the privilege of being oblivious to much of this history of violence, racism, and decades of attempts at social change. I learned a lot.

What does ‘defund the police’ mean? The rallying cry sweeping the US – explained

Defund the police? Here’s what that really means.

Campaign Zero

Resources focused on ending police violence.

Systemic Racism Explained

A great simple and accessible 4 minute explanation for learners of all ages.

A Call to Action for White Educators Who Seek to Be Anti-Racist

Tangible recommendations for educators and a helpful list of resources and support.

Your Kids Aren’t Too Young to Talk About Race: Resource Roundup

A relatively concise list for parents and educators of all kinds.

How to Talk to Kids about Race and Racism

Resources for parents, teaches, and people of all kinds supporting children’s anti-racist development.

Resources for Discussing Controversial Topics and Current Events in the Classroom

Resources for primarily for K-12 teachers but also useful for higher ed and parents as well.

Don’t Recreate Policing With Our Community Watch

A helpful list of tangible strategies and extensive resources for neighborhoods who want to look out for each other without reinforcing systemic racism and endanger others.

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