Aspiring Ally Development Workshop Series

Aspiring Ally Development Workshop Series

This virtual allyship workshop series is designed to help those who aspire to be allies for social justice learn, reflect, develop themselves, and move toward action to be more consistent, effective, and sustainable aspiring allies for social justice. The focus here is on how we work toward justice from places of systemic privilege such as white folks working for racial justice, men working toward gender justice, and middle and upper-class folks working for class justice.

Keith’s work on aspiring allyship is widely recognized and referenced by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Teaching Tolerance and has been integrated as a cornerstone for the leadership and diversity training programs implemented by corporations including Microsoft and PwC.

Keith tailored the facilitation to the groups’ needs, was receptive to feedback and challenged participants in their antiracism journeys. He was especially adept at helping participants understand the role white fragility plays in structural racism as well as facilitating dialogue with prompts from questions and quotes.

-LaKesha Forbes and Meredith Morgan, Office for Equity & Diversity, East Carolina University

As part of my own commitments as an aspiring ally, I have committed that any fees I receive through paid engagements with higher ed and non-profits on this workshop series will be 100% donated to organizations working toward racial justice. Thanks to your partnerships, we have donated nearly $25,000 since June 2020. Let’s do some good work together!

Workshop 1: Foundations of Social Justice

Foundations of Social Justice
  • Social Group Identities
  • Socialization
  • Implicit Biases
  • Communicating Across Difference
  • Systems of Oppression

Workshop 2: Aspiring Ally Identity Development

Aspiring Ally Identity Development

Workshop 3: Deepening the Learning for Allyship

Deepening the Learning for Allyship
  • Unlearning
  • Obstacles for Aspiring Allies
  • Tools for Aspiring Allies

Workshop 4: Committing to Action

Committing to Action for Allyship
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Leaders and organizations turn to Keith as an authentic educator, trusted leader, and unconventional scholar helping them advance leadership, learning, and equity.

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