Accountability & Contributions for Racial Justice

This is an accountability post.

Following the murder of George Floyd here in Minneapolis, I offered a free webinar on how to be better aspiring allies in June 2020. Nearly 1,300 people registered for the webinar, which was overwhelming. Here are the follow-up resources and recording. I also offered a series of eight smaller processing conversations for those who registered for the webinar and wanted to talk more personally in small groups. As a result of those conversations, I was inspired to do two things;



Thanks to clients who invited me to keynote and/or do a workshop series, we were able to not only deepen our learning and commit to more effective, consistent, and sustainable action for anti-racism specifically and social justice in general, but we also were able to donate nearly $12,000 to organizations doing racial justice work in local communities. The organizations donated to include:


I have continued to do this work in 2021 and continued my commitment to donate all revenue from this work with colleges/universities and non-profits to racial justice organizations. I’ve decided to keep the revenue from any work I might do with corporate entities to make these other donations possible. So far in 2021, we have donated almost $11,000 to the following organizations:

Gratitude & Let’s Keep Going

Thanks to the non-profit and higher education leaders who opened themselves up to this learning and made these contributions possible. I will continue donating 100% of the revenue from this type of work with non-profits and higher education to racial justice organizations in 2021 as well. We already have a few booked and scheduled. If you are interested in bringing this to your organization or community, please let me know via the contact form at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to bring me in to do some other work, well that makes this possible for me to do as well. Let’s do some good work together.

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