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Presale Launch Proudly Supporting A Call to Men & MCSR

I am proud to announce partnerships with two excellent organizations whose work aligns with the purpose of my book Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity. My goal with this book has never been to make money but rather to make an impact. This is a chance to do just that. Once we have exceeded the presale’s initial goal to cover production costs, I will donate 100% of the proceeds from additional presales to A Call to Men and MCSR.

My presale goal of 200 copies will cover my costs for producing and publishing the e-book, paperback, and audiobook. I will donate 100% of all presales that exceed this to these wonderful organizations. We are already halfway there with two more weeks to go. You can help not only support me and the book but now also help support these excellent organizations through the presale campaign in its remaining two weeks.

These organizations are doing great work on men’s identity, masculinities, violence prevention, and men’s health and well-being. They are doing this work in ways that are intersectional and with systemic accountability. They are models of both what to do and how to do it. I am so grateful both organizations have agreed to this partnership.

A Call to Men

I appreciate co-leaders Ted Bunch and Tony Porter and the rest of the team at A Call to Men’s contributions to men’s work and violence prevention. I begin Chapter 2 of the book with a quote from Tony Porter and I recommend his TEDx Talk and A Call to Men in the recommended resources. 

They continue to do this work with compassion, accountability, and intersectionality. In their words:

We work to transform society by promoting healthy, respectful manhood and offering trainings and educational resources for companies, government agencies, schools, and community groups. At the core of all our education and programming is our signature analysis on the collective socialization of manhood — the Man Box — and our community organizing model for promoting healthy manhood. Our work is rooted in our seven core principles, which include centering marginalized voices and addressing intersectional oppression. Our approach follows the social ecological model, advocated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and we actively support the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Goal 5: Gender Equality).

Learn more about A Call to Men.


I have been connected to MCSR since their early days as Men Can Stop Rape. When I lived near DC, I attended two fundraising dinners they hosted featuring radical feminist Andrea Dworkin and former NFL player turned coach Joe Ehrmann respectively. I attended a three-day speaker training they led and have sent and recommended it to many. When I was at Macalester College, we brought the training to campus helping us launch our efforts around engaging men in reimagining masculinities. MCSR’s mission still includes and has expanded beyond sexual violence prevention. They do excellent work in local DC high schools and nationally through their Men of Strength (MOST) Clubs, and help others organize strategically across the US and globally.

In their words:

MCSR pioneered a comprehensive proactive strategy for prevention that engages boys and men – motivating them to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop more fully authentic selves that continually learn and grow and inspiring them to consistently model the attitudes and behaviors that create healthier relationships and communities and a better world for everyone.

Learn more about MCSR.

Support Now

You can support me, the book Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity, and these two wonderful organizations through the time-limited presale. You can purchase tickets to the launch events, signed copies, coaching, speaking events, and even dinner at our house to support the launch.

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