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Presale for Unmasking

The presale for Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity has successfully concluded! Thank you to all the folks who joined the presale to support me and this book project.

Look at this incredible community! The folks above include family, close friends, college acquaintances, current and past coaching clients, professional colleagues, neighbors, and even one of my dad’s friends from the Peace Corp. Special thanks to colleagues Mamta Accapadi and Tim Miller as well as my cousin Myriam Bishop who led the way each purchasing 5 books and launch event tickets to share with others. Thank you all!

What does this mean?

The presale reached 171 copies for a total of $7,888 toward the book’s production costs. My goal of 200 presale copies would have raised about $9,500, which would cover my costs to my published for producing the e-book, paperback, and audiobook. Although the campaign fell short of fully funding the production costs, it was still a success covering most of the costs and generating almost 140 supporters who will be a part of the book journey moving forward. I am happy to self-fund the remaining costs of the book, which will essentially cover the production costs of the audiobook I am very excited about. I am grateful for the financial, practical, and relational support going forward to the publication of the book in May.

Donating to A Call to Men and MCSR

I was excited to partner with A Call to Men and MCSR on this. They are organizations I have long been connected to and value in addressing men’s sexism and violence, creating better versions of masculinity, and supporting men’s well-being individually and collectively. Although we fell short of the goal, I am so grateful for their partnership that I will make a $500 donation to each organization on behalf of my author community.

How can I help now?

Even though the presale is closed and purchases can no longer be made, you can still share the link to the main presale page with folks who might want to learn more about the book. The presale page still includes lots of information about the book, A Call to Men and MSCR, and me. You can also share the 3-minute video about the book on the presale page and below with folks.

What is next?

Now I move into editing and revisions. Over the next two months, I’ll focus on taking the complete first draft and making it a great book. This will include a complete review by a professional editor and then 8 weeks of my focus on making revisions with a revisions editor. Once those revisions have been made, I’ll share the Introduction with my author community and the full copy to review with any of the author community interested in reviewing the whole book to recommend. Then we will work together to get inspiration for, design, and decide on the book cover. Finally, we’ll help launch this book into the world in May.

Thank you!

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