How to Support Unmasking

The eBook version of Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity is now available on Amazon for just $0.99.

You helped make Unmasking the #1 book in the category of Lifespan Development in its first week. It is also tracking well in Parenting Teenagers and Gender Studies. 

Support by Making a Purchase

1. Buy the eBook.

My publisher (New Degree Press) has allowed me to offer the ebook version of the book for just $0.99 to my friends and family for the first 30 days! I expect this discount rate will expire around June 10.

You helped make Unmasking the #1 book in the category of Lifespan Development in its first week. It is also tracking well in Parenting Teenagers and Gender Studies.

Support by Leaving a Review and Get a FREE Learning Guide

Reviews really matter to actual people considering buying the book and to the Amazon algorithm. The best way to support the book is by leaving a 5-star review after making a verified purchase (only $0.99) and opening and at least scrolling through the read the book. If you plan to leave a review after reading your pre-sale paperback, you may want to consider purchasing an eBook for $0.99 now so that your review will be a verified purchase through Amazon.

If you honestly don’t feel the book is that good – no problem. Please still leave a review with your honest number of stars and honest review.

Reviews don’t need to be long. Just 1-2 sentences is great. You can read others’ early praise here. If you’ve already submitted and are listed on this page you can submit this as your review.

I’m so excited about your reviews, that I am offering a 30+ page learning guide to accompany the book that includes chapter-by-chapter quotes, key points, reflection questions, and resources links as well as key concepts and definitions and the 10 most common questions I get about the book and brief answers. Once you’ve left a review on Amazon, just send me an email saying you have. I’ll send you a PDF of the Learning Guide for Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity as a free gift.

Support by Sharing

If you’re willing to share the news that would be wonderful. Simply tell them to go to this link and the ebook is available there. You could:

      • Share a picture of you with the book on your device.

      • Share a screenshot of your review.

      • Share this post on how folks can support.

      • Recommend to a friend, colleague, or group.
      • Suggest me as a guest for a podcast.

    Thank you!

    Thank you for all of your love, time and support in helping me get my book published. I truly could not have done this without you, so thank you!

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