Curricular Approach Mindsets

One of the biggest challenges to shifting to a curricular approach is shifting from a familiar traditional approach and mindset to embracing curricular approach mindsets. Making these paradigm shifts is challenging because we love what we are familiar with – even when it does not serve us. This paradigm shift and the challenges of making it are what I call revolutionary when I share that a curricular approach is paradoxically both revolutionary and obvious.

Shifting to a Curricular Approach

In our book, The Curricular Approach to Student Affairs, and the article Shifting to a Curricular Approach (p. 24), the table below contrasts the differences between our work under a traditional and curricular approach.

Mindset Shifts

As I’ve worked with almost 100 campuses to develop their curricular approach, I find that some underlying mindsets shift. Some might be helpful to embrace before you begin your journey toward your curricular approach, some emerge during the process, and some are a result of the transition. Honestly, you are likely to experience most of them throughout the process, pushing yourself to embrace these mindset shifts repeatedly.

Here are the mindset shifts that lead to, emerge from, and result from a curricular approach.

Your Curricular Approach

What mindsets have you shifted? Which ones have you yet to embrace? If you are interested in considering a curricular approach for learning beyond the classroom, I would love to discuss what that could look like.

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