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5 Rs for Maintaining Momentum for Your Curricular Approach

After launching your curricular approach, maintaining momentum year after year can be a challenge. As staff members transition and contexts shift within and beyond your organization, it can be difficult to maintain continuity, knowledge base, enthusiasm, and momentum. Here are 5 Rs to help you maintain momentum for your curricular approach.


Retreats are often best for those who feel they are mostly on the right track and need just a bit of regrouping. A team retreat can help you step back from the day-to-day work and regather to remind you of your purpose, celebrate your progress, reignite the commitment, and identify the priorities for the next steps. These retreats often take a day or two to learn and advance and are often internally led.


Renewals are often for those who feel like their curricular approach is solid but need to reground a significant part of their team, especially if there has been a lot of turnover. They include a bigger step back with a re-establishment of the why, what, how, and possibilities of your curricular approach. Renewals often look like an expedited version of the launch process and are often externally led.


If you feel your curricular approach needs a completely new approach, then a refresh may be best for you. A refresh is a new look at your curricular approach, reconsidering your learning aims and taking a fresh approach to your educational plans. This may include revising some of the learning aims or creating an entirely new set of learning aims. A refresh looks much like a relaunch and is often externally led.


A review can be helpful to those who feel they are on the right track with their curricular approach but need to infuse some fresh thinking and insight. Reviews can be internal or external and as simple or robust as you can manage. The biggest obstacle to a review process is making it so overly complicated that it never happens. Reviews are often internally led to engage reviewers from within or beyond the institution.


Reports may serve you well if you feel your curricular approach is on the right track and could benefit from re-communicating to internal and external constituencies. Reports can be end-of-the-year reports, assessment reports, progress reports, and much more. These can include reminders of your purpose, celebrations of progress, identification of next steps, invitations to collaborate, and more. Reports are often text-based documents, but you may also consider an infographic or video messaging to complement your report or replace it.

Maintaining Momentum

If you are struggling with maintaining the momentum for your curricular approach, I hope you find that one of these could be helpful to you and your team. For those of you looking at a renewal or a refresh, I’d love to help. If you are looking at retreats, reviews, or revisions, I’d be happy to chat about how you could lead these yourself. If you have another strategy for maintaining momentum, please share. It doesn’t necessarily have to start with an R, but it would be sweet if it did.

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