The Process of Becoming for Individuals and Organizations

For those seeking to create a better tomorrow for themselves and others – the process begins within. It can be tempting to think your boss, partner, society, or the world needs changing first, but all change starts within. The process of becoming can help us explore that transformation within us as individuals and as organizations. It might even help us move toward a better tomorrow.

The Process of Becoming

The process of becoming emerged from my research on men’s identity. As I’ve shared it with others, it seems to apply to people of all genders as we explore who we are, who we aspire to be, and what we are doing. How do we truly explore these questions and not settle for the external answers we have been given by socialization, society, parents, culture, and more? These explorations lead us toward who we are becoming. I’m also working with some organizations using this framework to help them explore these questions organizationally, especially as they wrestle with leading in such complex realities and uncertain futures.

Becoming for Individuals

Becoming for individuals explores the conversation between our identity and integrity. We consider our identity with the questions: who am i? and who do I aspire to be? These questions put us in conversation with our integrity: what am I doing? Rather than a linear progress from identity to integrity, these are better understood as being in conversation, like an infinite loop flowing back and forth. This is a nice summary of my conversations with individuals as a coach.

Becoming for Organizations

Becoming for organizations explores similar questions of identity and integrity but from the team, non-profit, school, company, or any organization. We can look back to the organization’s past and toward the future, exploring both our vision and our actions. This is a nice summary of my work with organizations around strategic planning and staff and board retreats.

Who are you becoming?

So, whether you are thinking of your path or an organization, who are you becoming? In future posts, I’ll explore in greater depth how to explore this for yourself and organizations.

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