Allyship & Equity

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    "Keith tailored the facilitation to the groups’ needs, was receptive to feedback, and challenged participants in their antiracism journeys. He was especially adept at helping participants understand the role white fragility plays in structural racism as well as facilitating dialogue with prompts from questions and quotes."

    LaKesha Forbes and Meredith Morgan

    Office for Equity & Diversity, East Carolina University

    EVOLVE helps you as a senior leader to develop your DEI leadership voice to confidently align values and intentions to transform your organizations and institutions.

    Evolve is specifically designed to help senior leaders who value and aspire to lead on DEI issues, who would like to unleash their potential for transformational leadership on DEI issues. This experience is designed to offer high-impact value for senior leaders with often overwhelming and competing demands for their time. The asynchronous content, personalized coaching, and group content are designed to leverage a focused time investment for the highest value for leadership development and social change.

    Our first cohort is focused on senior leaders who are not their organization’s senior diversity officer. Future cohorts will include options that specifically focus on unleashing the potential of the senior diversity officer.

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    Aspiring Allyship

    Keith provides an opportunity for aspiring allies to think deeply about how they can be more consistent, effective, and sustainable.

    Keith provides an opportunity for aspiring allies to think deeply about how they can be more consistent, effective, and sustainable. Keith discusses his model of aspiring allyship, obstacles that get in the way, and tools to navigate these obstacles. This model can be adapted to focus on anti-racism or focus on working broadly toward greater equity and justice. This can be offered as a keynote, workshop series, or both. Click here for more on Keith’s model of aspiring ally identity development. All of the revenue (100%) from these keynotes and workshops for non-profits and higher education are being donated to organizations doing racial justice work. So far, this has been more than $22,000+.


    Keith works with many organizations to move from well-intentioned commitments to effective and sustained action for equity.

    He helps large organizations clarify, sequence, and align their learning and development approaches toward greater justice for all. Keith offers keynotes, workshops, and coaching for individual leaders for effective and sustainable solutions for equity. He also designs or improves learning and development as a subject matter expert (SME). He can help you identify existing resources or develop your own solutions to meet your equity-based goals. Keith focuses on learning, accountability, and growth.


      "The facilitator created a very safe and welcoming environment to grapple with our own prejudices/ignorance. Just wish it was 2 hours longer!"


      Aspiring Ally Development Workshop

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      Leaders and organizations turn to Keith as an authentic educator, trusted leader, and unconventional scholar helping them advance leadership, learning, and equity.

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