Aspiring Ally Identity Development Resources

Thanks for your interest in the Aspiring Anti-Racist Identity Development webinar. Below you will find links to some of the things I covered and more. There is a lot here, take it at your own pace. If you are interested in a bit of a deeper dive on content briefly mentioned you can scroll through my blog posts related to social justice education which are compiled at this link.

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Resources on the Aspiring Ally Identity Development Model

Questions for Reflection (for White aspiring allies)

What really motivates you to speak up when you do?

What is getting in your way of being a more effective, consistent, and sustainable aspiring ally?

How could accepting the inevitable racism within you, help you become less racist and more conscious of how your racism manifests itself, so you do less harm, and can do more good?

How is systemic racism that oppresses BIPOC, also harming you and your life as a white person? What is the price you are paying as a white person for living in a racist system?

What tools are you committed to engaging with to be more effective, consistent, and sustainable aspiring ally?

How will you help cultivate the aspiring allyship of others?

Potential Actions

  • Protest
  • Donate
  • Parent
  • Social Media
  • Learn
  • BLM Sign
  • Apologize & do better
  • Write an Op-Ed
  • Give your talents, skills, or products
  • Support BIPOC in your life
  • Vote, phone bank, run for office
  • Connect with your neighbors of color
  • Withdraw from an opp & rec a BIPOC
  • Donate earning to BIPOC orgs
  • For more actions the link below of collected resources literally has hundreds of possibilities included. There is not excuse for inaction.
Collected Resources for Anti-Racism Learning

Additional Resources


White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

How to Be Anti-Racist by Ibram Kendi

Understanding White Privilege by Frances Kendall

…But I’m not Racist by Kathy Obear

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria by Beverly Daniel Tatum

A Race is a Nice Things to Have by Janet Helms


On Being with Krista Tippett, Eula Biss Talking About Whiteness

bell hooks on liberation approaches to social justice work.
J Smooth on how to tell someone they sound racist.