Curricular Approach Workshop Series Resources

Thank you for participating in the Curricular Approach Workshop Series. I am excited about the journey ahead for you and the impact this will have on so many students. It is an honor to join your community and support your design, development, and implementation of your curricular approach. Below you will find links to resources that may be helpful to you during our workshop series and beyond.

Workshop Series Handouts

Special Link for SUNY Oswego Resources.

These handouts accompany the workshop series. You may want to refer to them throughout the workshop series and beyond. These handouts include key resources that you may want to refer back to including 10 Essential Elements, the “curricular pyramid,” terminology, templates, and a comprehensive list of resources.

ACPA Institute on the Curricular Approach

The Institute is an incredible experience, not only to learn about the curricular approach and, to continue developing and innovating your curricular approach. Almost a third of the participants each year are returning participants who engage in the returning track session designed to help expand knowledge and share challenges, ideas, and approaches with others.

Key Resources

The two key resources are The Curricular Approach to Student Affairs book and the Shifting to Curricular Approaches to Learning beyond the Classroom article.

The book is a good resource to share with key stakeholders you want to get buy-in from, for a community professional development read, and as a resource for those leading the ongoing work of developing your curricular approach.

The Curricular Approach to Student Affairs book cover

The Shifting to a Curricular Approach article is an accessible summary of a curricular approach. This is a great resource to share with campus partners within and beyond your organization.

Additional Resources


University of Texas – Austin Housing and Residence Life Curricular Approach – STEER

In this video, Brandon Jones shares was STEER is and how it is used to intentionally serve students around self-management, community engagement, and global competence.

University of Illinois – Springfield – Star Map

This video captures the staff takeaways from our two-day retreat and highlights the possibilities they see in this approach and their energy for their learning aims. A simple example of capturing the experience to readily share with new hires and those joining the team.

Tommie Advantage Overview

This is a great example of a simple, concise, and powerful overview of the curricular approach at the University of St. Thomas. A great way to communicate the learning goals and outcomes to students, families, campus partners, and more.

University of South Florida Residential Curriculum

Maya Angelou: Just Do Right

A reminder to be clear about our purpose, to walk the talk, and don’t ask students to go where we aren’t willing to go ourselves.

Rita Pierson: Every Child Deserves a Champion

A reminder of what it means to think of ourselves as educators and the power of relationships.

Life Lessons from a Volunteer Firefighter

A reminder that the little things matter.

The Power of Gratitude

A reminder that gratitude leads to happiness, not the other way around. Gratitude is a practice that can foster learning, growth, and connection.

Connecting with Others

On Twitter, you can follow and contribute to the #ACPAICA hashtag. This is usually booming during the institute but has year-round engagement on books, learnings, job postings, questions, and more.

On Facebook Paul Brown from Roompact manages a closed Facebook group on Residential Curriculum and Curricular Approaches. You can request to be added.

On-Going Curriculum Support

I also provide ongoing curricular support through monthly campus consults and group conversations among a cohort of about a dozen schools at various places in their curricular journey. This ongoing support is exclusively available to campuses Keith has worked with directly to launch their curriculum. This support is very helpful with the ongoing development and implementation. Each monthly campus call is a chance for you to focus on a particular aspect of your curricular approach or a particular functional area and get direct coaching about how to move forward from Keith. The monthly group calls are a chance to learn from other campuses at various places in their journey about challenges, solutions, and innovative ideas. Participants report that both are incredibly helpful in moving their curricular approach forward. You can learn more and read testimonials from folks who have participated in the ongoing curricular support here. 

Let’s Connect

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In addition to the curricular approach content we explored, I provide virtual offerings on mindful leadership, thriving, emotionally intelligent leadership, strategic planning, social justice, sexual violence prevention, men’s identity, and more. If you would like to bring this content to your campus, please let me know. This could be a much-needed hour to explore, a half-day interactive virtual workshop to connect, or a virtual workshops series to develop your individual and collective capacity.

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