Authentic Masculinity

Giving men permission to stop being the men they feel they have to be, and permission to be who they really are:

Their authentic selves.

    "Keith offers a unique and transformative way to think about men and masculinities. All student participants rated Keith as exceptional on the evaluations. They walked out with something new that they learned and many enjoyed the stories because they found them so relatable to their own experiences. They found it transformational and informative. We would love to have him come back and give this same presentation to many more students."

    Reggie Robles

    Associate Director, Campus Diversity and Inclusion, University of Redlands

    Keith has spent decades researching men’s identity and development of their authentic masculinity.

    He uses storytelling to make his 15+ years of research come alive through connection and shared experiences. Men see themselves more clearly and can engage in their growth and development toward authentic masculinity.

    People of all genders can learn to better engage the men in their lives with empathy, reach them with compassion, effectively hold them accountable, and help them to become the men they aspire to be as their authentic selves.

    Keith offers keynotes and workshops for college and other men.

    He also can support the work of faculty and staff members, teachers, therapists, social workers, coaches, and parents looking to engage with the men in their lives more effectively.

      "I appreciate Dr. Edwards sharing strategies that would help us engage in effective conversation with men and promote healthy masculinity. I also thought it was helpful that he shared strategies for how to hold men accountable in a positive way that incorporated Brené Brown’s research around shame and guilt. Definitely, an area that I will use both in my work with students and in my personal relationships."

      Student Affairs Staff Member

      Western Washington University

        "Keith was wonderful to work with on our campus. He did a presentation for staff, a keynote for students, and met with some of the leaders of our Interfraternity Council. Our men seemed to really connect with Keith’s work and I think it was a great start to the conversation on men and masculinity on our campus."

        St. Norbert College

          "He connected easily with students and employees in delivering messages that were both powerful and accessible. I knew it was a great program when students lined up to talk with Keith after his presentation, and when students told me we should have him come back every year or so! As an added bonus, it was very easy working with Keith on all the program arrangements."

          Nan Pasquarello

          Title IX Coordinator, SUNY Cortland

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          Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity

          Based on more than fifteen years of research, Keith E. Edwards, PhD, illuminates men’s masking, unmasking, and becoming to help men develop their own authentic masculinity. He also shares strategies to help us all better engage the men in our lives with empathy, reach them with compassion, effectively hold them accountable, and help them to become the men they aspire to be.

            "Men Ending Rape really was a much needed kick in the pants to realizing that I, as a man had a role to play in ending violence against women. It made me angry at myself, and other men that we made ourselves out to be a part of the horrendous monster that is sexual assault. It told me that men can be a part of the solution. Men Ending Rape was the catalyst that made me become an active participant in the fight against sexual assault and rape.”

            Starvonsky Gibbs

            Founding member and treasurer, Men Against Rape Society, University of Delaware

              "I just tried out some of the suggestions you gave us for working with men in conduct meetings – it has completely revolutionized the way I do conduct with men! I can’t believe how well it works to get them really thinking critically about how their behaviors match (or don’t match) who they want to be. Thank you!"


              Student Affairs Staff Professional Development

                "Keith Edwards is an excellent speaker on men’s anti-violence issues. In addition to making a strong case for men’s involvement in ending violence against women, he is very conscientious about addressing the many social justice and privilege issues that pertain to men’s anti-violence work – issues that are not always addressed by speakers on this topic. He also has a very unique perspective on how men are hurt by violence against women, an important factor in motivating men to take action on this issue."

                Dr. Alan Berkowitz

                Independent Consultant and Editor of “Men and Rape: Theory, Research and Prevention Programs in Higher Education

                  "The way Dr. Edwards came at the subject, not teaching how to avoid it but defining and implementing real life, relatable scenarios, is what made his presentation so eye opening. Many individuals have the wrong understanding of sexual violence and maybe even believe that some things that are considered sexual violence are not. As a strong woman, as a feminist, and as a victim of sexual violence he hit every aspect. Because sexual violence is not something just women experience and pointing that out, empowers men to see, feel and understand/want to understand more about it."


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