Thanks for your interest in Men’s Gender Identity Development. The best place to learn more is my book, Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity.

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Below is Keith’s TEDx Talk in Ending Rape.

Below is the trailer for the documentary film The Mask You Live In

This link will take you to Emiliano C. Diaz de Leon‘s list of 20 Videos to Engage Men in Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Below is a conversation Keith hosted with critical scholars of men and masculinities in 2016, Tracy Davis, Wilson Okello, and Rachel Wagner.

Articles/Chapters on Men’s Identity and Engaging College Men from Keith

Edwards, K. E. & Jones, S. R. (2009). “Putting my man face on”: A grounded theory of college men’s gender identity development. Journal of College Student Development, 50, 210-228.

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“The theory that emerged from this constructivist grounded theory study of 10 college men’s experiences depicts their gender identity as developed through constant interaction with society’s expectations of them as men.  In order to try to meet these perceived expectations, participants described putting on a performance that was like wearing a mask or “putting my man face on.” They described a process of learning societal expectations, putting on a mask to conform to these expectations, wearing the mask, and struggling to begin taking off the mask.”

Harris III, F., & Edwards, K. E. (2010). College men’s experiences as men: Findings from two grounded theory studies. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 47(1), 43-62.

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“Many problematic behavioral trends and issues involving men on college campuses have been well documented in the recently published discourse on college men and masculinities. Yet, empirical explanations as to why these trends and issues persist and what college educators can do to effectively address them are largely absent from this discourse. In response to these knowledge gaps, the shared findings that emerged from two grounded theory studies of college men’s gender identity development are presented in this article. B  ased on these findings, recommendations for supporting the gender identity development and success of college men in ways that benefit campus communities are offered.”

Edwards, K. E., Foste, Z., & Taylor, C. (2019). Building a campus coalition. In D. Tillapaugh & B. L. McGowan (Eds). Men and masculinities: Theoretical foundations and promising practices for supporting college men’s development. Stylus.

“The purpose of this chapter is to explore how educators can intentionally cultivate campus coalitions that address issues pertaining to college men and masculinities. We offer seven key considerations that we believe to be important in building such coalitions. These considerations reflect both theoretical and empirical scholarship as well as our own experiences engaging college men on gender and masculinity. It is our hope that this chapter will serve as a tool that faculty and staff can utilize to work toward campus climates that are more welcoming and affirming for people of all genders. “

Book Recommendations

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