Mindful Leadership

Thanks for your interest in the Mindful Leadership session. Below you will find links to some of the things I covered and more; blog posts from me and others, videos I shared and more, and books that I mentioned and many more. There is a lot here, take it at your own pace. If you are interested in a bit of a deeper dive on content briefly mentioned you can scroll through my blog posts related to this topic which are compiled at this link.

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Mindful Leadership Concepts

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4-7-8 Breathing from Dr. Andrew Weil


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Here’s a video version of my story on shifting perspectives from a keynote at NODA.


Brilliant lessons on taking a sacred pause and managing emotions from children.


The power of gratitude.


A simple explanation of meditation.


Keith has a Toward Thriving Guided Meditation that you can access for free.


Incredible story on the healing power of forgiveness.



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Whitelaw, G. (2012). The Zen leader: 10 ways to go from barely managing to leading fearlessly. Pompton Plains: Career Press.


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