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22-23 Cohort

Here is a brief summary of the cohort for 22-23.

IHEPoint PersonCurriculum
Clemson UEric PernottoHRL in year 9
Concordia – MoorheadMikal KenfieldDivisional entering year 4
Indiana State UJason JohnsonYear 8 of Residential Curriculum
James Madison UJonathan StewartLaunching Divisional
NDSUBecky BaheDivisional, after many years of having a residential curriculum
Smith CollegeDana OlivoRes Life moving to Divisional this year
Susquehanna USamantha ProffittLaunching Divisional
Texas A&M GalvestonSarah SchendzelosYear 3 of Divisional after HRL for several years
U of DaytonChristina SmithHRL (7 years) looking toward Divisional
UC – IrvineSharon SteadHousing and Res Life entering year 3
U of Mass – AmherstDanielle BaroneRes Life refreshed after several years, exploring expanding beyond RL.
U of OklahomaErin SimpsonLaunching Divisional after multiple years in several departments
U of OregonJessica WindersHRL in year 6
U of Southern MississippiMichael KingLaunching a divisional curriculum
U of TexasErin LongHRL in year 5

Campus Calls

Group Calls

Navigating Inconsistent Buy-in – May 17, 2023

Educational Strategies – April 12, 2023

Selection, Training, & Onboarding – March 14, 2023

Assessment – February 9, 2023

Air Traffic Control – January 11, 2023

Reviews and Revisions – November 15, 2022

ICA Reflections and Sequencing – October 25, 0222

Training, Opening, Orientation, and More – September 21, 2022

Concordia College Board of Regents Report

Mikal Kenfield from Concordia College shares about this PDF report to the Board of Regents:

We finally did the unimaginable. We completely revamped our division’s board report. This time, our new way of thinking is about our work is reflected in the entirety of our report. What used to be four pages of times new roman paragraphs separated out by individual offices is now a much more holistic look at the work we do.

Video on Innovation

Our colleague and former ACPAICA faculty member Dave Shorey shared this video on thinking about innovation inside the box. I thought it explained how the structure of a curricular approach is key to fostering innovation. This might be something to utilize in a staff meeting or training or send out to colleagues.

ACPA ICA Request for Virtual Resources

Call for ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach (ICA) has opened the application for ICA 2022 resource fair materials. In the past, the resource fair has been an in-person portion of the conference where pre-selected institutions have tabled with artifacts that showcase their progression towards a curricular approach. This has provided an opportunity for attendees to get real-life examples of what the Institute content covers in sessions. This year, we will be providing a virtual fair element where colleagues from various institutions can submit materials which will be uploaded for attendees to peruse through at their leisure. If you are willing to share resources that document your institution’s journey towards a curricular approach, we encourage you to submit your materials to the following link.  

We encourage institutions at all stages of the curriculum development and implementation process to consider submitting a resource. Resources we are looking for include educational priorities, learning goals and narratives, learning outcomes, lesson plan templates, educational plans, marketing materials, training materials (professional and student staff), assessment strategies and takeaways, archeological dig document examples and examples of cross-divisional/departmental ties implementing a curricular approach.

Final call for resources will be September 25th by 11:59pm ET. Institutions that are selected to be showcased in the virtual resource fair will be notified by October 1, 2022, with projected rollout of the resource fair materials to occur ahead of the 2022 Institute on the Curricular Approach. Files will be compiled in PDF form and will be accessible to ICA 2022 registrants up to 6 months following the conference.

We hope you will consider this opportunity to share your experience with the curricular approach with other attendees. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Drew Johnson, djohns65@syr.edu, or Jordan Williams, jwilliams31@wustl.edu

Looking Back, Looking Forward – August 9, 2022

Getting Started – Monday, July 18, 2022

21-22 Cohort

Here is a brief summary of the cohort for 21-22.

IHEPoint PersonCurriculum
Clemson UEric PernottoHRL in year 8
Concordia – MoorheadMikal KenfieldDivisional entering year 3
North Dakota State UniversityBecky BaheDivisional starting this year, HRL for 5 years
Smith CollegeDana OlivoRes Life moving to Divisional this year
Texas A&M GalvestonNeil GolemoYear 2 of Divisional after HRL for several years
U of DaytonSteve HerndonHRL (6 years) looking toward Divisional
U of District of ColumbiaMelinda JenningsLaunching Divisional
U of GeorgiaBecki BuryLaunching HRL
UC – IrvineSharon SteadHousing and Res Life entering year 2
U of Mass – AmherstDanielle BaroneRes Life: Refreshing after many years.
U of OklahomaErin SimpsonDesigning Divisional this year after HRL for 8 years with Gender Equity, & Student Life
U of OregonHeather KropfHRL in year 5
U of TexasErin LongHRL in year 4

Campus Calls

Campus Calls are scheduled by the campus point person using this link to identify the date/time, topic, and additional attendees. You can identify the topics and attendees when you schedule or update as the pre-scheduled time approaches.

Group Calls

Group calls are set at pre-determined times by Keith with topics determined by the group and as events unfold in the world, with curriculum, and in higher ed. We try to limit group calls to 1-3 people for each institution.

Ongoing Curriculum Support – Strategy-Level Learning Outcomes – May 9, 2022

Strategy-Level Learning Outcomes – 10 Minute Tutorial

Ongoing Curriculum Support – Reviews and Refresh – April 13, 2022

Additional Resources

Toxic Culture

Many of you are focused on creating great work environments for you and your colleagues. Here is a great resource that a colleague passed on to me. I loved the Brené podcast conversation. I took a whole page of notes.

Also, the actual academic article is very skimmable as well.

And here is the follow-up article they mention on the podcast. Also, very skimmable.

Changing Wording for Letters to Improve Student Learning and Success

A couple of things were mentioned about changing the wording for conduct letters, disciplinary probation, academic probation, and staff progressive discipline to be less threatening and more supportive of the students and their improvement.

Here is a piece from Nick Bowman on academic probation letters with lots of overlap for our various letters. Nick will be on an upcoming Student Affairs Now podcast where he and other guests discuss this further. 

Ongoing Curriculum Support – Assessment – March 15, 2022

Additional Resource

Rethinking the RD Role

I know many of you in Housing/Res Life are being really challenged to rethink roles given additional expectations, overwhelm, and staff attrition, This is a GREAT episode featuring a member of our cohort, Stever Herndon. There are lots of things to think about and rethink, from folks who have done/doing residence life work and who both love and challenge. You can catch it wherever you get your podcasts or watch on YouTube.

Ongoing Curriculum Support – End of Year Looking Forward – February 10, 2022

Additional Resources

Rethinking the Workplace

This Univ of St Thomas video is a great example of a communication tool that is as powerful as it is simple. Danielle also brought up a strategy I’ve used: asking students what they have learned and editing it together by your goals. This could be a student worker project.

Neil Golemo offered these prompts to simplify and avoid overthinking Facilitation Guides/Lesson Plans.

I talk about “thinking in FG [Facilitation Guide]”
What decisions are you making? (strategy)
What are you hoping to get out of this? (learning outcome)
How will you know if the decision worked? (assessment and feedback)
Are you going to dedicate some time to doing that? (yes) [Okay, prove it, please.]
The decision/thing you’re doing, have you done it before? And if so, what did you improve? (this brings it back to the beginning)

Ongoing Curriculum Support – Creating Something New – January 4, 2022

Ongoing Curriculum Support – Selection & Training for Student Staff and Pro Staff – November 9, 2021

Related Resources

The “Froshmore” Experience

Combating Trauma, Burnout, & Compassion Fatigue
Navigating Trauma and Burnout

And tomorrow’s episode on Design Thinking in Student Affairs, especially the focus on empathy, empowerment, and integration of Indigenous pedagogies.

And I mentioned the new book coming out at the end of November, Critical Praxis in Student Affairs. I had a chance to read an advanced copy for a Student Affairs Now podcast I am hosting next week. The authors do a terrific job offering not just a call for greater justice work but also modeling the messiness and beauty intangibly applying critical theory in praxis for justice and ultimately liberation – especially the chapter on res life training from Rachel Wagner and Nick Thuot.

Ongoing Curriculum Support – ICA & Sequencing – Wednesday, October 19, 2021

Ongoing Curricular Support – Training, Opening, Orientation, Move-in, and more – Friday, September 10, 2021


  1. August Community Building Meeting: Second Year Experience Infographic from U of Dayton
  2. August Community Building Meeting: Upper Division Experience Infographic from U of Dayton
  3. Resource for Second-Year “New” Students from UC Irvine

Getting Started – Monday, August 9, 2021