On-going Curriculum Support

Keith offers ongoing curriculum support for campuses as they launch, continue, and revise their residential or divisional curriculum. Keith provides this support with monthly campus video calls and group video calls. This ongoing support is exclusively available to campuses Keith has worked with directly to launch their curriculum.

    “In my department, I lead the charge of continually collaborating, developing, assessing, and training on our Residential Curriculum. Knowing that in addition to have Keith’s expertise and support every month, but also a cohort of other schools and colleagues available for regular consultation and resource sharing has been invaluable. Our training, our curriculum, and my confidence in leading this for our department have all improved as a result of this relationship!”

    Danielle Barone

    Assistant Director for Residential Learning Initiatives, UMass Amherst

    Benefits of the Campus Calls
    Benefits of the Group Calls
    Topics Discussed

      "These calls have been very helpful! Personally, I really appreciate the tips and strategies. I was able to directly take the conversation related to sequencing/mapping and use that in our committee. (After I realized how off our sequencing was)! The benefit of having them with Keith is that you have a wealth of knowledge because you work with so many campuses and have tangible experience and examples."

      Benefits for Campuses in On-Going Implementation

        "It is a great way to have continual touch points with the curriculum. When an institution attends an ICA or has a consultant come in and lead a retreat, afterward the institution is then left to their own devices. The coaching has been a really great way to ask questions as we continue to develop and refine our curriculum. We can really dig into a process, such as selection, that sometimes gets lost in an ICA or retreat. "

        Tips for Campus Calls

        The campus calls are a chance for each campus to determine the topic and the participants that would be most helpful in advancing their curriculum. These are the suggestions for campuses that past participants had based on their experiences.

        Group Video Calls

        The group calls have a predetermined topic and are a chance to connect with others doing a curricular approach and crowdsource innovative solutions, strategies, and approaches. The group calls occur once a month with a predetermined topic from those generated by the participating schools. These calls are recorded and available to share with your teams. These were the topics the campuses that participated in 2021-22 identified for the focus of their group calls.

        These calls help provide support, advice, and recommendations on both the challenges and opportunities faced on your specific campuses, as well as tackling the trends that most campuses often face. This way, you get both tailored support as well as making connections with others who are facing similar barriers.

          "Working with you has been extremely helpful in helping us organize our thoughts, and ideas, and bringing them to life. I love being in contact and connecting with a larger group of other institutions who are also working on curriculums, sharing the challenges, as well as the benefits of adopting a curricular approach. In addition, the ongoing support has helped our department be consistent in our growth, and keep us on track."

          Dana Olivo

          Smith College

            "Being able to get out of the context of our university context and thinking patterns through both the group and individual sessions is so incredibly helpful for our creativity and ability to develop our curriculum. "

            Erin Long

            University of Texas


            The cost for this year of support is $3,000 for a year of individualized, campus-specific, and collective support for your curricular approach. Each of the past three years we have had about a dozen campuses participate. You can read some of their testimonials on this page.


            Keith has been one of the leaders in developing curricular approaches to learning beyond the classroom in higher education. He has facilitated or co-facilitated retreats with more than 90 campuses to develop their curricular approach.


            He is co-author of this book on the curricular approach.

            The Curricular Approach to Student Affairs book cover

            He regularly serves as a faculty member for ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach (formerly Residential Curriculum Institute). He chaired the Institute in 2009 and co-chaired in 2018 & 2019.