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“I can honestly say that I have never had so many people make a point of calling or finding me to say how much they really appreciated the program. I’ve heard stories about how they have applied lessons they learned or took a moment to think differently about a situation.  I’ve been coordinating professional development for our division for a number of years and I’ve brought some wonderful speakers over time but this is truly the most positive response I’ve ever seen.

Suzanne Sullivan McGillicuddy
Assistant Dean of Students, Fashion Institute of New York


“I really do love your meetings. Just a minute to breathe some fresh air. Thanks for that.”


“I’m on multiple boards. I do at least two of these retreats a year for each of them. This is easily the best one I’ve ever attended. I learned a lot, enjoyed myself and others, AND it was the most productive board retreat I’ve ever been a part of.”

Leadership & Coaching

This coaching experience with Keith was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Each of our conversations helped me to discover what is truly important to me and led me to recognize the things I need in my life in order to keep me moving forward. Throughout the entire journey, I noticed so many positive changes in myself, as did my fiancé, my family, and my friends. And let me tell you, it felt amazing. I started out wanting to figure out my ideal job, but ended up learning about my ideal self. Keith helped me find my path, and it’s the best path anyone could ever be on because it’s mine.”

Michael Rosenberg

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Leaders and organizations turn to Keith as an authentic educator, trusted leader, and unconventional scholar helping them advance leadership, learning, and equity.


“Keith is awesome! Keith led us through a 2-day retreat to jump-start our curriculum. In two days with Keith we were able to do what would have taken us months to complete. Easy, streamlined, and no tears were involved.”

Dano Olivo, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Smith College


“I have to say it is the best interview I ever had in all those years of doing podcasts and various forms of interviews. You set it up well, I trusted you, gave me space to talk, brought me back to good themes, and the energy was so positive. Thanks for the gift of that experience, Keith.”

Susan Komives, Student Affairs Legend

More From Those That Have Worked With Keith

    "Keith’s visit brought a lot of parties to the table who hadn’t been previously there before. Staff, coaches, and students who had only shown minimal interest in addressing sexual violence became more curious and more engaged in the topic. Following Keith’s visit, many asked when he was coming back and how we could continue the conversation. His talks have pushed us further in our work to prevent sexual assault by working to understand the viewpoints of diverse populations as well as to revisit traditional programs that may have in fact reinforced stereotypical gender norms. Our students are also more motivated to learn more about the root causes of sexual violence to find out what they can do as men and women to prevent it on our campus and in their communities. We are grateful to Keith for opening these doors for us."

    Kelly Golden

    Regis College

      "Dr. Keith Edwards is the kind of speaker who grabs hold of young men and shakes them at their very foundation. Once they recover from the shock and confusion of realizing they have choices to make about their own masculinity, you see the excitement emerge. Keith reaches into the hearts of young men, past the culturally-constructed myths and messages that tell them who they ought to be. Keith delivers a powerful message: You can be the kind of man you choose to be. And, guess what? You are making those choices already, each day. And all of those choices come with consequences – good and bad – that you will reap for the rest of your life. What kind of man do you want to be? Keith Edwards gives it to them straight. No excuses. It’s up to you. The men on our campus at the University of Idaho remain engaged with Keith’s challenge and message a full year after he visited us in Moscow. I highly recommend Dr. Keith Edwards for anyone wishing to spark real culture change and dynamic conversation on their campus."

      Virginia Solan

      Coordinator of Violence Prevention Programs, University of Idaho

        "We had Dr. Edwards facilitate our Student Affairs Professional Development Advance at The University of Tampa. His style was extremely engaging, his information was thought provoking, and his activities were purposeful. Feedback from faculty and staff that attended was very positive and everyone is still talking about things they learned that they are incorporating into their professional and personal lives."

        Stephanie Russell Krebs, Ph.D

        Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, The University of Tampa

          "Dr. Keith Edwards’ visit to our campus left us thinking and eager to learn more. His ability to connect with and engage students of all backgrounds made his presentation a valuable opportunity for our students and faculty, encouraging the tough conversations that are essential for the change we would like to see in our campus culture."

          Emily Mee

          Editor-in-Chief of Forum, University of Oklahoma

            "Coaching provided deep personal reflections and resultant actions on purpose, integration, and development in a safe, thought-provoking environment of dialogue and challenge. Dr. Edwards approach brought focus to my professional calling and enabled an understanding of integration across the complexities of faith, family, and career."

            Terry Gaalswyk, PhD

            College President, Minnesota West