Sexual Violence Prevention

Changing the Conversation

“Keith is direct in his approach to this complicated and loaded topic, delivering a message that is different from the expected and grounded in research and experience. His impact is immediate.”

Virginia Solan, M.Ed., Coordinator, Violence Prevention Programs, University of Idaho

Keith empowers college students to be part of the solution to preventing sexual violence in their communities.

Often sexual violence initiatives are reactive, focused on what happens after sexual violence has already happened. Keith focuses on what we can do to prevent sexual violence from happening in the first place.

He brings his experience as a researcher, scholar, educator, and Title IX investigator to engage audiences in ways that they see that they can support survivors, understand consent, intervene when sexual violence is imminent and at its roots, and create a culture on campus that prevents sexual violence.

"We can all join together and speak out and take a stand when sexual violence is imminent and at the roots of sexual violence."

Keith Edwards, PhD

    "The way Dr. Edwards came at the subject, not teaching how to avoid it but defining and implementing real-life, relatable scenarios, made his presentation so eye-opening. Many individuals have the wrong understanding of sexual violence and maybe even believe that some things that are considered sexual violence are not. As a strong woman, as a feminist, and as a victim of sexual violence, he hit every aspect. Because sexual violence is not something just women experience, and pointing that out, empowers men to see, feel and understand/want to understand more about it."


      "The presentation was super informative, relatable, empowering and nonjudgmental; your sincerity, humility, and genuineness really shine through. Since your talk, several colleagues and students have expressed thanks and praise regarding your presentation – it was timely, insightful, and enlightening, and they hope you return to present again in the future – I agree wholeheartedly! You have clearly inspired and moved many here."

      Sara Larkin

      Diablo Valley Community College

        "Keith was our first keynote speaker on the subject of sexual assault. We were hoping that he would create an atmosphere for further discussion among both our undergraduates and our alumni volunteers, and he did just that. His message was challenging but engaging."

        Bill Martin

        Executive Director, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity (FIJI)

          "We had Keith come speak at our campus Take Back the Night event. Keith really resonated with our students, faculty and staff; he brought to light some news ways of looking at rape culture and really targeting the importance of changing attitudes that lead to sexual violence and did so in a non-accusatory and relatable way. We look forward to having him come speak at other events in the future!"

          Chelsea Wells Holcombe

          Valdosta State University

            "Keith fully engaged the audience, was funny, poignant, direct, and sensitive. Our assessment data was really positive and students would recommend him to others and many walked away ready to put new approaches into action. I was so pleased to hear him challenge students to determine the campus culture related to sexual assault. They needed to hear this from someone with credibility and passion."

            David M. Tuttle

            Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Trinity University

            Keith is a national leader in preventing sexual violence. He has been speaking on campuses for over 20 years, was selected to co-chair ACPA’s Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence Prevention in Higher Education, and co-edited the book Addressing Sexual Violence in Higher Education.

            Keith offers engaging, provocative, humorous, and inspiring keynotes and workshops. Keith equips audiences with knowledge, hope, and an ability to make a real difference in addressing complex problems.

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              "There was a presenter to the students that my daughter raved about. She wanted to give him a standing ovation at the end, and wished that she had. She said that he presented a difficult subject in a clear and non-accusatory way. The latter was particularly important to her: the boys weren’t classified as predators; the girls weren’t classified as sirens. This came up later at the orientation group meeting, and both sexes were able to thoughtfully discuss the presentation without feeling automatically defensive. She also mentioned that he was capable of making jokes without making “icky” jokes. My daughter has had so many years of poorly-done presentations regarding human sexuality that she was not prepared to pay much attention to this new presentation. Even with that non-neutral starting point, your presenter was able to captivate and inform her. Thank you very much for making the campus a safer place through such a fine job."


              First-Year Student

                "Keith exceeded our expectations. He was a dynamic and approachable speaker who challenged students and staff to reframe their thinking around gender construction, sexual violence, and what they can do to shift culture within their spheres of influence. Students and staff particularly appreciated Keith’s ability to name the complexities around power and privilege when calling on men to take part in sexual violence prevention work. He was wonderful to work with and, in addition to his large speaking events, enthusiastically took the time to meet with a small group of students who were interested in his scholarship. He learned about their stories and authentically shared some of his own, modeling what is looks like to approach learning as a lifelong process. We could feel the positive impact of Keith’s visit after he left campus. Students and organizations have continued the conversation around the connection between gender-based violence and construction of masculinities. Students left his keynote feeling challenged, more aware, and inspired to create a change on this campus."

                Ashley Viager

                Assistant Director of Chadbourne Residential College, University of Wisconsin – Madison

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